IoT Day started in 2010 and is an open invitation to the Internet of Things Community to set up an event, a lunch, a talk with the neighborhood on what #IoT is and what it means in everyday life for all of us.

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IoT Day is an opportunity for the #IOT Community to show that it cares for people, for the environment, for animals … and for machines as well. No matter where you are in the world, you can participate on IoT Day on April 9.

iot day

We believe that the day is not far off when all people will have some tool, call it a wallet, a router, a phone, a crypto mining device (maybe all of that) that runs all computation locally on that device and gives out only contextual, time-limited and scope-based information; a companion to assist you in educating yourself and others in living together on a small planet that is tumbling about in vast space. In fact, the 1976 novel Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy, describes this tool in her ‘utopia’ of a society combining local bio food and resilient communities running on high tech renewables and distributed ledgers provisioning services. Maybe it was not a utopia but just a vision?

This year IoT Council is looking beyond utopias and distopias, beyond cost-cutting to enabling new ways of human-computing complimentarity


On the Disposable Identity program, check this webinar by Mike Bennett

Sovereign Identity

Woman at the edge of Time, a novel by Marge Piercy

Identity, why is it so important?