Manage your TTN Gateways from V2 to V3 with balena

IoT Barcelona
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Welcome to the 8th virtual IoT Barcelona meetup and let's celebrate the IoT Day (9th of April).

Taking advantage of the virtual meetup (again), we will talk about the latest The Things Network portability from v2 to v3 announced on The Things Conference 2021.

Learn how to manage your TTN gateways V2 and move them to The Things Stack V3, in a really simple way managed with balena. During the streem see how to move LoRa nodes from V2 to V3 as well.

Xose Pérez will showcase with Marc Pous how to move LoRa Nodes from v2 to v3 and how to manage the TTN gateways and get them ready to move them from v2 to v3 when the things on your side will be ready. Expect hands-on demostrations and feel free to bring your own devices.

BTW if you would like to speak... Contact us @iotbcn on Twitter or via meetup.
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IoT Barcelona
marc [dot] pous [at] gmail [dot] com