IoT Womansplaning (22 hours sessions by 22 IoT Woman)

Sudha Jamthe Technology Futurist
Event Detail
IoT Women from around the world are coming together on a CareerPivot these this year for IoTDay on April 9th.

Join us to learn a topic under the umbrella of IoT and AI from the experts in the field for 22 hours from 9am in Singapore till 4pm in California.

Sudha Jamthe, Roxy Stimpson and Susanna Raj will host live sessions as educational sessions from 9am pt/18 cet till 4pm pt. Rest will be pre-recorded sessions that will stream live at 9am at the timezone of the speaker all round the clock.

* Topics range from: IoT Data, AI Ethics, AI, Autonomous Vehicles, AI for Peace, Innovation, AI Ethics and CareerPivot secrets.

* Special AI topics of NLP, Machine Learning and Computer Vision will be taught by Brilliant Women as a live lessons.

* Registered users will get a secure Zoom link for the livestream.

* All recordings will be available under Womansplaining on after IOT Day.

Feel free to join the sessions you want to learn from the live speaker Q&A and be sure to attend rest of IoT Day events happening all around the world and come back to watch the recordings at your convenience.
Date / Time
Global (multiple cities, Live stream is from California, US from 9am pt to 4pm pt)
Sudha Jamthe & Roxy Stimpson (Dong-Mien Thi Vuong)
sujamthe [at] gmail [dot] com