April 9th


The Global Internet of Things Day will take place again this year on April 9th.

Going on its 4th year (2013,12,11) the event is designed as an open invitation to the #IoT Community to join a Meetup, host a hackathon, or just share a beer or coffee with a friend or fellow collaborator focused around the Internet of Things and its implications.

Last year, events were held in more than 18 Countries and demonstrated the explosive growth and interest in the topic from both the DIY and business worlds alike.

The time is now to start having the important conversations on the technologies, security, data privacy, and enormous potential that an "Internet of Things" is capable of.

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Event Calendar

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We expect this year to be even bigger and invite you to join in on one of the events below or start your own and let us know.

Can't make it to an event in person? Participate in IoTLive. A global online streaming event for the day.

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IoT Rotterdam
Rotterdam IoT Day

All Day Conference - Speakers include Usman Haque, Rob Van Kranenburg, Ben Van Lier, Korrie Louwes

IoT Zurich
Zurich Meetup

Make* IoT ZH at MechArtLab, in collaboration with SGMK

IoT Barcelo
Barcelona Meetup

Meeting at new venue la Fàbrica Moritz

Berlin - 9th KuVS NGSDP Expert Talk

Speakers include Wolfgang Kellerer, Jürgen Hase, Omar Elloumi, JaeSeung Song and many others

Horw, Switzerland: iHomeLab

What will Internet of Things mean for you?

Stockholm: Global IoT day

Sust, Sics and Intelligent Energy Services will host an event at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology

IoTDay Madrid
Internet of Things Days Madrid

We're hosting three days packed with interesting conferences, workshops and talks.

IoTDay London
London IoTDay Showcase

The London Internet of Things meetup celebrates #iotday with a demo evening of local startups and businesses.

IoTDay Moscow
IoTDay Moscow

Come and join IoTDay in Moscow - Internet-lounge & Club «Библиitека», Novinsky boulevard 8.

Trento IoTDay
Trento, Italy

"IoT Applications, The Present & The Future"

IoT Stockholm
IoTStockholm: IoTDay Pre-Event April 8th

Join us for an evening of talks: Jesper Kouthoofd from Teenage Engineering, and Per Emanuelsson, Bastian Bischoff and David Cox from Humans Since 1982

CITC Open Day
CITC - Open Day

To celebrate the IoT Day 2014, the Innovation Centre of Contactless Technologies (CITC EuraRFID), is pleased to invite you to visit its office, fab lab, and demonstrators in Lille (Northern France) !

Zaeti Reading
Reading of Iot/M2M technology thriller at azeti HQ Berlin

We at azeti Networks are celebrating the Global IoTDay with an invitation to everyone who’s in Berlin to join the German reading of azeti’s technology thriller that’s currently developed to show IoT and M2M scenarios of the future.

Toulouse IoTDay
Toulouse IoT Meetup

We think it'd be really interesting if the local IoT/M2M players in Toulouse can get together regularly for sharing their ideas and projects

IoTDay Paris
IoT Day Paris

We 'll meet you at Numa at 6:30 to celebrate the IoT Day. Organized by Olivier Mevel and Marc Chareyron (Agence Enero & Meetup IOT Paris), Djordje Djokic (PravoIKT.org & djokic.org), and Pierre Métivier, (Blog "Avec ou sans contact" & Forum SMSC)


IoT Waterloo
Waterloo, ON Meetup

Speakers include Karl Martin (Nymi), Doug Thompson (BEEKn), John David Chibuk (Kiwi)

IoT SanFran
San Francisco Meetup

Global IoT Day Mixer

IoT Denver
Denver Meetup

Speakers TBD

IoT Brazil
Brazil IoT Day: Riacho Grande

The proposal involves Riacho Grande and how DIY monitoring technologies can help the surrounding population and park goers understand water quality issues.

NashMicro Hack Day
Nashville, TENN - NashMicro Hack Day

NashMicro is having a Hack Day event as a way to inspire hobbyist to develop IoT projects and to educate new members about the joys of working with microcontrollers and electronic hardware.

IBM Denver
IBM Denver, CO Internet of Things Day

Denver IBMers are getting together to discuss the Internet of Things related to wearable technologies and the "art" of the possible within them.

RFID Live IoT Day
Orlando, FLA - RFID Journal Live IoT Meeting

Join us to discuss IoT on IoT Day in Orlando FL.

DC IoT Day
WashDC - Global IoT Day Mixer

Calling all IoT entrepreneurs, designers, developers, engineers, data scientists, startups and investors in the DC region!

Toronto IoTDay
Toronto IoT Day

We get a great mix of engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, and hobbyists coming out, so come join us for beers, ideas, and great discussion.

IoT Day USA 2014 - Washington, DC
IoT Day USA 2014 - Washington, DC

This event consists of a virtual conference with noted speakers from government and industry who will discuss IoT, XMPP, Big data, and Data Analytics.

IoT New England
Boston/New England IoT Meetup

We will hold one of our Meetups on the 9th to bring New England IoT community members together to celebrate IoT Day and network!

GE Global Research and RPI DSRC IoT Day
GE Global Research and RPI DSRC IoT Day

GE Global Research and RPI Data Science Research Center are hosting an IoT Day event with an hour of talks around IoT technologies and use cases, followed by an hour of networking at the RPI campus.

IoT Day Pittsburgh
IoT Day Pittsburgh

April 9th is the Global #IoTDay and we are kick starting the Internet of Things Pittsburgh Meetup. Our first meeting is at TechShop Pittsburgh, a wonderful facility that inspires creativity.

#IoT Hacknight Medellín
#IoT Hacknight Medellín

Sponsors include Ubidots and AtomHouse - If don't know a lot about hardware, no worries! we'll have mentors that will help you build your ideas.

#IoT Oreilly
#IoTChat with Tim O'Reilly

In honor of #IoTDay we will kick off April 9th with a Tweet Chat featuring Jim Stogdill, Jon Bruner and special guest Tim O'Reilly.

Itajubá IoT Day
Itajubá IoT Day: Smartapps IoT Meetup

To celebrate the IoT Day, Smartapps and the Entrepreneurship Center at UNIFEI (CEU), will promote a meetup to discuss the scenario of Internet of Things in Brazil: opportunities, technologies and cases, as well as to encourage the networking among the IoT ecosystem.

New American Sweathsop IoT Day
New American Sweatshop Exhibit

Imagine a future where the American dollar is worthless. To re-build the economy, citizens must use the only resource available: decades of post-consumer waste.


IoT Bagalore
Bangalore: Launch of IoT Lab and global IoTDay celebrations!

Bangalore Alpha Labs (BAL) and IoT Bangalore (IoTBLR) are proud to launch Bangalore's very first IoT Lab on the occasion of IoTDay!


IoT Ozberry
Sydney - OzBerryPi

Talks including a brief history of automation from this millennium noting key affectors and a word from a local company/companies in the IoT space addressing security, data privacy, and potential of said space.


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